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Three novel personalised Father’s Day gifts

It’ll soon be here. Are you ready?
On Sunday 16th June, you’ll no doubt be celebrating Father’s Day, like so many of us. You might organise a family meal or a trip out. And then, there’s the gift. Dads have everything! So, how about considering personalised Father’s Day gifts this year?
Imagine his face when he unwraps something so thoughtful. And personalised to him. Made in high-grade oak, our handmade wooden gifts are crafted to last. There’s plenty of choice too, when it comes to making that all important decision.
Too much choice, you say?
In case you can’t decide, here are three gift ideas that ALWAYS prove popular for Father’s Day.

Personalised Father’s Day gifts to guarantee smiles

#1: Large personalised carving board
Does Dad always carve? I think it goes back to the hunter gatherer thing. Central to the family meal, Dad loves to provide the meat. So, why not treat him to his very own wooden carving board?
Hard wearing and a beautiful centrepiece, we can engrave it with your personal message; front edge and base. It really will belong to Dad. And he’ll be proud to use it: week after week; year after year.
We also offer an extra-large carving board if you prefer. Or can tailor-make something to suit you.
“Much better than I expected and such a great gift. Thanks so much.”

View our large personalised carving board

#2: Dad’s welly boot jack
Is he a keen gardener? Or a dog walker? Then, wellies will be regular footwear. Welcome him back inside, muddy boots removed, using his personalised wooden boot jack. We’ll engrave whatever message you’d like on it. And it’s oiled with Osmo UV-Protection, making it suitable for outdoor use.
Heavy weight and sturdy, it can sit in your porch, by the back door, or even next to Dad’s shed. They’re useful personalised Father’s Day gifts – you’ll want one yourself!
“Very pleased. It was present for Dad. And it works perfectly.”

View our welly boot jack

#3: Personalised Father’s Day keyrings
There’ll be somewhere he likes to lock up regularly. His special shed, the garage, the greenhouse. Even the house if you like! We offer two sizes of our personalised Father’s Day keyrings.
Handmade from European oak, they can be 10cm or 15cm long. That ensures he never loses his keys and leaves enough space to engrave your personal message. We can even engrave both sides if you like.
“Fantastic! Dad will always find his keys now. And not confuse them with mine.”

View our personalised Father’s Day keyrings

We’d love to help you solve your Father’s Day gift challenge. You can easily order online. And as we’re real people, living and working in Worcestershire, you can phone us too. We’ll happily chat through your ideas ahead of your order.
Everything is bespoke-made to order, so please allow up to seven days for us to make and deliver your gifts (10 days for larger items). Need it faster? Just pick up the phone and we’ll do everything we can to help you.
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Did you know…
Father’s Day is celebrated in well over 100 countries across the globe. Whilst Catholic Europe has been celebrating it on 19th March since the Middle Ages, the UK, and many more countries, follow America’s lead: the third Sunday in June. Other regions choose dates throughout the year. We found this Father’s Day Wikipedia article very interesting. You might too?

5th wedding anniversary gifts they’ll love

Wood anniversary gifts are traditionally chosen to celebrate five years of married bliss. You’ll appreciate the symbolism. Wood (especially oak) is strong and long-lasting, just like a happy marriage should be after five years.
If you’re searching for 5th wedding anniversary gifts – perhaps for your husband, maybe for friends – we create personalised, handmade gifts from the highest-grade oak.
Wood anniversary gifts follow fruit and flowers
It’s fun to focus on the traditional gift for each year of marriage. Most of us know it starts with paper at one year. Did you manage that? It’s then cotton at two years, leather for three years and fruit or flowers for four years.
All seems quite straight forward so far!
Well, now you’ve got to wood: the tradition for 5th wedding anniversary gifts. It’s the perfect material to choose something a little more long-lasting.
Whether their taste is modern or old, wooden gifts are timeless. There’s something rather tactile about wood – we’re compelled to touch it and run our finger tips over it. Everyone loves to receive a gift made from wood.

5th wedding anniversary gift ideas
Your choice of gift will depend on the recipient. Should it be a couple – perhaps friends or relatives, our personalised chopping boards are popular. If it’s a gift for your other half, consider our bath tray or tealight holders (just add bubbly).
Here’s a little inspiration for you:

Idea 1: personalised chopping boards
With many shapes and sizes to choose from, our boards stand proudly in any home. Practical as well as beautiful, we’ll engrave your personal message on the edge and base. They’re fabulous wood anniversary gifts.
Our Gin & Tonic Chopping Board is a favourite. The perfect way to prepare your tipple. And a classic option is our Medium Chopping Board. Whatever you choose, they’re all created to order from solid, European oak – handmade in Worcestershire.

View our personalised chopping boards

Idea 2: bath tray
A slightly more romantic 5th wedding anniversary gift is our bath tray. With a nod to relaxing evenings, it sits comfortably over the deepest bubble bath, holding everything they might need whilst amongst the bubbles: tealights that sit safely in dedicated holes, a tablet holder and a wine glass holder slot.
With different widths available, you can add a personal message on the edges in addition to the base (a secret message perhaps?) It’s as sturdy as they come – and the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom.

View our bath tray

Idea 3: tealight holders
Handmade in many sizes, tealight holders make thoughtful wooden anniversary gifts. Sit them on the hearth or perhaps in the bedroom. With the tealights lit, they’ll soon create an intimate atmosphere – perfect for 5th wedding anniversaries!
From two tealights upwards, we’ll create the size you want. And the bigger the holder, the longer your personalised message can be. We include the tealights, so they’re all set, having unwrapped your gift.

View our tealight holders

Want to add a bit more fun?
Our personalised wooden key rings raise a smile every time. Add your celebratory message or recognise their special place; be it their garden (man) shed or a storage chest of special things in the home.
Any wedding anniversary is a time for gifts: the 5th one is no exception. With a wooden theme, be as creative as you like with us, and know they’ll love the result. We’ll even custom-make your gift if it’s not based on our range.
Got a burning question about our wood anniversary gifts? Please get in touch.

P.S. The traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary is sugar. Really. We can’t help you there, but we’re sure you’ll have fun looking…

Personalised wooden boards: how to care for yours

If you’ve browsed our range, you’ll know we create many different personalised wooden boards; from chopping to cheese boards. Not to mention bread and carving boards. All handmade from the highest grade of oak. It’s important you know how to care for your board once it’s left our Worcestershire workshop.

How we finish our personalised wooden boards

A natural timber with distinct character, you’ll want the colour and graining to look at its best. All our personalised wooden boards are finished with two coats of Osmo TopOil. This is a matt, food-safe oil that protects the surface, whilst leaving it ready to do its job.

The oil soaks into the surface of the board, preventing the oak from drying out and protecting the surface for many months to come. It should provide enough protection for six to twelve months; dependent on the amount of use.

Wooden boards are the preferred choice for many leading chefs; not to mention home cooks. They’re gentler on knives, keeping them sharp for longer. And they’ll give you a lifetime of service (whilst looking fantastic) so long as you care for and clean them correctly.

When should you re-apply oil?

It’s easy to tell if your wooden board needs another coat of oil. It will be starting to dry out and might show signs of staining. Our advice is to wait until the board is ready. Over-oiling is not advisable.

What oil should you use?

We’re great fans of Osmo TopOil. We’ve been using it on our range for years. Less coats are generally required, and the finish is superior to many other oils we’ve tried. In our opinion, it’s the best way to protect your board and maximise its life.

You can buy Osmo TopOil from Wood Finishes Direct.

Of course, there are other oils available and traditionally, Butcher’s Oil has been a popular choice. So long as the oil is food-grade, clear and matt in finish, you’ll not detract from the look of your board.

How to oil your wooden board

You’ve got the right oil and your board needs a fresh coat. What next? It’s a simple three-step process:

1. Lightly sand the board with fine sandpaper (we use 240 grit). This will lighten any staining, lift the grain and smooth out any marks from usage.
2. Using a clean brush, apply a thin coat of oil. Leave it to soak in for ten minutes.
3. Using good quality kitchen towel (we use Plenty), wipe off any excess oil. Then put the board somewhere safe to dry overnight.

How to clean your wooden board

After each use, your wooden board should be wiped clean with warm soapy water. You can also use a light antibacterial cleanser, like Dettol. Then ensure it’s fully dry before storage. And that’s it!

NEVER use harsh cleaners (they’ll take the surface off).
NEVER put your board in the dishwasher.
NEVER submerge your board or leave it to soak in water.

Wood can soak up water, making it swell. When left to dry again, the moisture content reduces rapidly. This process presents a big risk of splits and cracks appearing. By committing to the right cleaning regime for your board, you’ll keep it looking gorgeous for longer.

Where to store your wooden board

There’s no doubt that personalised wooden boards look fabulous in the kitchen. And that’s great, so long as they’re not stored too close to a heat source; for example, an Aga or range cooker. Excessive heat will dry the wood out, risking distortion in shape. Find a spot that’s clean and dry, but not too hot.

We create our personalised boards to enjoy a long and happy life with you. This practical and straight forward advice should enable you to achieve just that.

If you need any specific guidance in caring for our wooden boards, or any other product, please do get in touch. We’d be happy to help you.

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