Welly Boot Racks & Stands

Why you need a welly boot rack or stand

The UK's weather is complex, by which we mean unpredictable and all too frequently inclement. Are you're tired of your reception or hallway being a dumping ground for muddy wellington boots, and your floors or existing shoe storage paying the inevitable cost? In that case, it may be high time to consider a welly boot stand for outside your entrance or one of our wall mounted boot racks to accommodate, and organise, your clodhoppers!

Stand or rack, which is boot holder is best?

This very much depends on where you ideally have space for your boots where you want them to normally live. You may want them to reside just outside of your back door, in which case a welly stand is just what you need, being exposed to the elements, may mean that the weather plays a small part in helping to clean them! On the other hand, if you are looking for an internal answer and want to keep your floors clean, but have limited floor space, then our welly racks might be the perfect space saving solution.

Great for walking boots too!

Of course, our welly stands and wellington boot racks are designed to accommodate the largest and smallest wellys but they can also be ideal for any outside shoes that have to withstand the elements. So they can be perfect for riding boots, fashion boots or just about any ankle boots or shoes with a structured collar. Moreover, our racks can also be the ideal location for your soaking umbrella!

Welly boot racks and stands that last!

Our racks and stands are hand made at our own workshop in the heart of Worcestershire and are crafted from sustainable European Oak from FSC and PEFC suppliers. Each welly rack and stand is finished Osmo UV-Protection oil. This means that they can be used either for indoor or outdoor use. If maintained correctly your boot rack or stand should be a treasured part of your family's hallway, reception or garden area for years to come.

Organise the whole family's boots

Whether it's getting your children's boots organised, or having a huge number of adult boots yourself, then we're confident we have a boot storage solution for you. Our wall mounted boot racks or boots stands can accommodate up to 8 pairs of boots in their largest configurations.

The personal touch for your welly boot rack or stand

Since these either our racks or stands will be located where many people enter your home why not make a statement with a personalised welly boot rack or stand. We offer the option to personalise the front face of your stand or rack with your choice of high quality engraving. This varies in relation to the size of stand or rack you choose but you with our largest rack you can have 36 letters and stand up to 31 letters.

A great gift

You might not be fond of going out in the great outdoors in all weathers but we're sure you have relatives or friends who are out in all conditions. If that's the case then this could make a perfect gift just before bad weather sets in or maybe the perfect housewarming gift.

Don't just jack it in just yet

Finally, even if you or your outdoor fanatic in your life has a welly boot rack or welly boot stand we still have one thing in our bad weather armoury that you might want to consider. Getting wellington boots off can be a pain, as well as a thoroughly messy operation. Make the task that little bit easier and safer, since you won't be having to handle the detritus you picked up from your boots, with a boot jack. Once again this can be bespoke and can make a perfect gift say for Father's Day.