Wooden Kitchen Boards

Wooden kitchen boards that last!

All of our handcrafted boards are made at our workshop in the heart of Worcestershire from sustainable European Oak from FSC and PEFC suppliers. The boards are then finished with two coats of Osmo TopOil (which is a natural food safe oil) meaning that if cleaned correctly should be a treasured part of your family's kitchen for years to come.

Plastic chopping boards vs wooden chopping boards

There are obviously certain advantages to using a plastic chopping board. They are frequently cheap, can come in a wide range of colours and designs but consider the following:

Wood in the kitchen possesses anti-microbial properties. This means that bacteria is drawn into the wood where it can no longer reproduce and so dies. This can give you peace of mind that the bacteria from food such as raw meat so is less likely to stay on your board. In addition, while a plastic board can quickly end up scratched and damaged, a wooden board is more resilient as the knife slices between the fibres of the wood and doesn’t leave marks. When marks or scratches do occur, these can be easily removed with a refinisher, leaving your board good as new. Wooden boards can also be kinder to your precious kitchen knives - you’ll find that by using a wooden board your blades stay sharper for longer. As long as you remember to oil the board, it will also remain waterproof too.

Substantial wooden chopping boards!

Our boards are robustly designed and proportioned available from mini chopping boards all the way up to extra large lipped chopping boards. Whichever design you choose you will find them generously dimensioned which gives them both a strength and integrity that you won't find in less stoutly designed boards.

A wooden chopping board for a loved one, or maybe just for you

Our boards can make ideal gifts and can suit just about anyone. We have a wide range of food preparation boards that can cater for chopping vegetables to larger carving boards for carving and chopping meat with an option for a juice groove. However, we also provide many specialist boards. So if you have a lover of cheese then we can make serving cheese an extra special event with our cheese boards. If you have someone who has a penchant for gin, then consider a G&T cutting board for preparing their citrus additions.

Personalisation that will be treasured

Our boards are frequently a focal element in any kitchen, but to give it even more impact, you can individualise it with a high quality engraving on the front edge. The engraving size can vary but our largest boards can accommodate up to 25 characters.

Finally, for that extra special personal flourish, you can even have a special message, favourite saying or poem (or part of a poem) on the bottom face of the board with up to 6 lines of text, with a maximum of 30 characters per line (on larger models).

With this level of personalisation and it being a focal point in any kitchen, it's no wonder that it is often chosen as an ideal housewarming present.