Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards

At The Engraved Oak Company, we pride ourselves on our personalised wooden chopping boards; every single one made by hand to ensure the finest quality every time. All the products you find here have a five-star rating from our happy customers. One of our large chopping boards even had a moment in the spotlight and was used by royalty on an episode of This Morning!

Personalised Wooden Chopping Board from the Engraved Oak Company as seen with Royalty on This Morning TV programme
Our wooden boards are made with European Oak sourced from FSC and PEFC suppliers and are finished with two coats of Osmo Topoil, so you can rely on our creations standing the test of time as well as offering a classic finish to any kitchen.
A Range Of Sizes To Choose From

Whatever the size of your kitchen, we have the ideal board for you. Why not consider our small chopping board if your surface space is limited or choose an extra-large version if you have a big family or hold regular dinner parties. If you are looking for something that will offer a higher level of stability or will seamlessly complement your space, invest in our lipped version and get in touch with your exact measurements.

A Personalised Chopping Board – The Perfect Gift

Many of our customers purchase chopping boards as a wedding or birthday gift. They are extremely popular amongst couples celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, where the traditional theme for gifts is wood.

In addition to expecting handcrafted products from us, you can personalise your purchase to create a beautiful and unique gift for a loved one. Simply choose where on your selected board you would like your message to be positioned along with what you want your engraving to say and we will ensure a superb finish.

All of our personalised boards are engraved with the utmost accuracy every time you choose to invest in our service and delivery can be expected within five to seven working days following confirmation of your wooden chopping board.

In addition, don't forget that we have an extensive range of other boards available that can be personalised too. So if you're looking for personalised cheese boards, carving boards or even gin & tonic chopping boards, then look no further.

Why choose a chopping board from The Engraved Oak Company?

  • As time-served woodworkers we have a passion for engraved wood. And not just any wood, we use the highest grade kiln-dried oak sustainably sourced from FSC and PEFC suppliers.
  • We engrave using a v-carve technique that removes material giving a beautiful authentic looking finish that lasts a lifetime whereas a large number of cheaper alternatives use a laser etch technique that can fade and even wear off after time.
  • All our boards are finished in food-safe Osmo Topoil which gives a superior and longer lasting finish which needs less frequent recoating unlike traditional mineral oil or butcher's oil.
  • Unlike many other suppliers, who buy in boards, we pride ourselves on making up our own boards and since we make them ourselves we know that they are made correctly. Not only do we select the finest prime grade oak, but where possible from the same length of oak to give a uniform appearance. In addition, we use fully waterproof adhesive and hidden biscuit joints to add extra strength to the joints as we make them ourselves we know that they are made correctly.

If you have any questions at all relating to the products we sell or would like to discuss your personalised engraving, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

Personalised board maintenance

For more information on how to care for your personalised wooden board then download our board care instructions PDF.