Personalised dog bowl stands

Big dogs and older dogs can both benefit from having their meals on an elevated stand with raised bowls. Even if you don't have a huge canine it can also help stop having their bowls strewn across the floor after feeding time. Whatsmore, if you're going to the trouble of having a stand then why not indulge them with a personalised dog bowl stand for your pooch!

The perfect dog bowl stand that's built to last!

Each stand comes with one or two stainless steel dog bowls that are dishwasher safe. Each stand is wipe clean and robustly constructed to take on the most exuberant hound. Each dog bowl stand is handmade with European Oak sourced from PEFC and FSC suppliers. We finish all products with two coats of Osmo Topoil so that you can enjoy our creations for years to come.

Dog bowls where you left them

Due to the substantial nature of each stand you can be confident that after your dog has finished with their dog food or water bowl, it will still be where you'd placed it.

Personalised pooch feeding times!

Maybe you have more than one dog and want to indidualise their eating area just for them or perhaps you just want to treat them that personalised for their treats! Depending on the size of the stands you'll be able to customise your chosen stand from 8 to 22 characters.