Wooden Egg Trays

Engraved wooden egg holders of distinction

Are you proud of your eggs? Many people are now keeping their own chickens and are looking for a suitable container to do justice to their feathered friend's output with a desirable wooden egg holder. Even if you aren't, you may prefer to have your eggs housed in something better than the cardboard box that they came in or the bland fridge holder that comes with almost every fridge.

That's where we can help make the difference. Each wooden egg tray we handcraft is made from the highest-grade kiln-dried oak sustainably sourced from FSC and PEFC suppliers. In addition, each wooden egg rack is handmade, with rigorous attention to detail by our renowned craftsmanship, from a single piece of oak at our workshop in the heart of Worcestershire.

Size matters!

So if you're looking to keep your eggs at room temperature then we can cater for your egg storage. The next question is what size of wooden egg tray are you considering. We can provide both half and full dozen trays so we can cater for even the most prodigious layers. In fact, even if you are still of the mind that you prefer to refrigerate your eggs then since our trays are finished with high-grade Osmo TopOil they will be able to easily withstand lower temperatures.

Personalised wooden egg trays

As unique as each piece of oak chosen and as unique as each person who receives these gifts, so is the opportunity to personalise it with engraved text. You have between 9-14 characters you can add (depending on whether you choose the half or full dozen egg rack) to truly bespoke the gift.

The perfect gift

Looking for different engagement, anniversary or wedding gifts? Consider our egg rack as a highly original addition to any household that loves eggs. Give their kitchen or breakfast table a focal point that everyone will use.

An extra level of personalisation

For an additional special sentiment, you can add a further message on the bottom face of the egg rack or egg and soldier tray too. You can have up to 6 lines of engraved text with up to 15 to 25 characters per line (depending on whether half or full dozen tray ordered), so maybe part of favourite poem or just a special message meant just for them.