Lipped Chopping Boards

Why a lipped board?

A lipped chopping board can provide greater stability when carving meat, cutting bread or just about any form of preparation where a steady hand is required. The board has an overhanging lipped edge that sits on the edge of your kitchen work surface and thus provides extra leverage to be exerted, say when kneading dough.

Handmade chopping boards that last!

Our artisanally crafted stunning chopping boards are made from European Oak from FSC and PEFC suppliers. The boards are then finished with two coats of Osmo TopOil (which is a natural food safe oil) meaning that if cleaned correctly should be a treasured part of your family's kitchen for years to come.

Substantial chopping boards!

Our boards are sturdy designs available in either large or extra-large dimensions. This gives them strength and integrity you won't find in less robustly designed boards. Each solid cutting board comes with lifting recesses to make manoeuvring your board a breeze.

A bespoke chopping board just for you (or a loved one)

Our boards can be ordered with a blank chopping board surface but you can also specify v-grooves which can assist with any juices, oils, other liquids or loose pieces of food being cut to sit and pool so they don't interfere with the food whilst it is being cut.

Of course, for such a striking element that complements any kitchen, you may want to make it individual to your own home with an engraving on the front edge of up to 21 characters.

Finally, for that extra special bespoke flourish, you can even have a special message, favourite saying or poem (or part of a poem) on the bottom face of the board with up to 6 lines of text, with a maximum of 30 characters per line.

With this level of personalisation and it being a focal point in any kitchen, it's no wonder that it is often chosen as an ideal housewarming present.