Personalised Height Charts

Personalised wooden height chart rulers

We all remember as kids our parents recording our heights on our bedroom walls or on door frames. Of course when it came to decorate or move house then those treasured memories became just that, just memories!

The start of a new life is something every family wants to honour and follow as they grow from their first steps to when they are ready to leave the nest. A height chart can be the ideal gift idea to mark the birth or christening of this new life from godparents, grandparents or close family friends. However, what can make this gift all the more treasured is to have it individually bespoke for a child. This is where the Engraved Oak Company comes in with creating a precious heirloom using the highest grade wood and craftsmanship.

We've taken for our inspiration the old school rulers that we all grew up with and super-sized them so you've got a height chart that can accommodate your child no matter how tall they get. Just like a real ruler it comes with chamfered markings and skillfully engraved letters and numbers that hark back to our own childhoods as well as our children's.

Our Height Chart Rulers


Children's wooden height rulers just for them, or maybe not!

Children love height charts as much as parents - it's official. It helps small children to mark their own progress in the world and what could be better than a chart that is just for them? And it need not just be to chart their growth. Since our wooden height chart rulers are the height of adults you can get the whole family involved and unlike purely children-based height charts these are stylish gifts that you might want to take pride of place in a shared family area.

Charting the growth of your entire family

Of course, with more than one child there is often a strong desire to compare their growth with their siblings. So why not purchase a wooden height chart for each child which you can even group together. Alternatively, consider getting a family chart personalised for your family.

Beautifully finished UK handcrafted wooden height charts

As with all of our wooden gifts that we produce each height chart ruler is hand-made at our Worcestershire workshop with meticulous attention to detail and made from excellent quality timber. Our oak is sourced from sustainable FSC and PEFC suppliers that are beautifully finished with two coats of Osmo Topoil to make it a durable gift with an enduring memory each time it is used.

In addition, our large wooden kid's ruler height chart comes in both imperial or metric measurements so you don't have to choose how you want to measure their height. It can also help kids to begin to understand different types of measuring systems.

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Height charts that will last a lifetime (if not longer!)

Charting the progress of your kids may seem like a day-to-day activity but because of the build quality and highest grade oak employed they can also become a family heirloom. Your grandchildren and even great-grandchildren may well also come to treasure, and perhaps even use, the chart you use today.

Order a ruler for your little ruler today!

So why not choose a gift for your little ruler(s) that will delight the kids and be a focal point for years to come.

Frequently Asked Height Chart Ruler Questions

Does a ruler height chart need to be installed from the floor?

This is a common concern with skirting board getting in the way and how to address the ruler height chart sitting flush to the wall. To address this you hang our rulers from the wall above the skirting board at a height of ..... This then negates the skirting board getting in the way or having to gouge out part of the skirting board to accommodate the height chart.

How do you hang a wooden height chart?

For more information on how to hang your personalised wooden height chart then download our height chart hanging instructions PDF.