Personalised Wooden Housewarming Gifts That Will Enhance Any Home

Personalised Wooden Housewarming Gifts That Will Enhance Any Home

You’ve been invited to their new home. But you can’t turn up empty-handed. You know the rules as well as anyone.

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic, as we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and stunning ideas to make your search for housewarming gifts a breeze.

So, without further ado, here’s a compilation of our gift-buying wisdom to help you on your way.

What are traditional housewarming gifts?

Did you know that traditionally, wooden housewarming gifts signified a wish for stability in the new home? Specialising in personalised wooden gifts, we might be a bit biased, but we felt we couldn’t leave that detail out!

Buy Them Something Useful

As much as a tasty hamper or bottle of wine might be appreciated, it wouldn’t come close to a practical product designed to last a lifetime. Be sure to look for something that they will use time and time again.

Think About Your Audience

Our carving boards are great, but they’re unlikely to be properly appreciated by vegetarians. Take extra care to understand who you’re purchasing for and what their tastes are to avoid any embarrassing episodes.

Add Touching Extra Details

It’s always worth putting in a little extra effort to amplify your gift. Personalising your gift will elevate it to a one-of-a-kind piece that its recipient is going to treasure.

With that in mind, we’ve selected five of our products that we believe to be some of the best personalised wooden house warming gifts you can find.

Unrivalled Welly Racks

personalised welly racks

Especially useful gifts for someone whose new home is in the countryside, our welly boot racks come in a range of sizes, catering for anywhere between two and eight pairs of wellies.

When designing this product, we left no stone unturned. Our rack can conveniently hang on the wall and its welly holding posts are positioned at a slight angle to ensure that each boot sits neatly.

We protect each rack with a generous coating of Osmo UV-protection oil before it leaves our workshop, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This gift is built to last.

Naturally, our welly racks can also be engraved on both the front and back face, allowing you to add that all-important personal touch to these practical housewarming gifts.

If we’ve captured your interest in welly-related gifts, then please do have a look on our website to find our complete range of boot stands, jacks and other high-quality rural essentials.

Boards Galore

wooden chopping boards

Venturing back indoors, specifically to their new kitchen, our range of perfect wooden chopping boards will make for excellent house warming gifts for just about anybody.

Whether they’re into their cocktails or have a passion for toast, our range of specialist chopping boards, cheese boards and other kitchen essentials cater to all tastes.

As with all of our products, our boards have a plethora of engravement options, which are carefully added by hand using the superior v-carve technique.

Unlike most suppliers, we create all of our boards from scratch in our Worcestershire workshop, using only the finest European oak. This allows us to say with confidence that we never compromise on quality.

But don’t just take our word for it. One of our large chopping boards was even used by Prince Charles on an episode of This Morning – we think that a personalised wooden board fit for royalty would make the perfect addition to anyone’s new home.

A Bath Tray Like No Other

It’s not just our chopping boards that are fit for royalty. Our luxurious wooden bath tray is an elegant enhancement to any new home.

Available in three standard sizes (be sure to get in touch if you need a bespoke width), enabling it to fit most baths, our personalised bath tray is fitted with a tablet stand, four tealight holders and a nifty space to hold a glass of wine (obviously).

Designed to breathe new life into any bathroom, this impressive and fully engravable gift could very well become the flagship accessory in your recipient’s new home.

Premium Pet Bowl Holders

If your new homeowners have pets, or simply want to get acquainted with the neighbourhood cat, our premium personalised wooden cat and dog bowl holders are unique and thoughtful gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

We don’t compromise on quality for pets either. Each of our bowl holders is crafted out of premium European oak and finished with two coats of Osmo TopOil to ensure unrivalled longevity. As standard, each bowl holder is also accompanied by a stainless-steel pet bowl (double bowl holders come complete with two bowls).

To help you add some personal charm to your gift, all of our bowl holders can be engraved by hand on both the front and back edges with up to eighteen characters (in other words – a very long pet name!).

Quality Coat Racks

No matter where they’ve moved to, a coat rack is likely to come in very handy. Our personalised wooden coat racks are available in an impressive range of sizes, enabling them to cater for anything from two to a staggering twelve coats! This highly personalised housewarming gift is bound to be used day in, day out.

Designed to discreetly hang on a wall with a handy hidden fixing, our coat racks are a blend of ergonomics and style. In fact, if you’re after even more functionality, you can even opt for our coat rack and shelf hybrid – the possibilities are endless!

As standard, our coat racks have hooks with a stainless-steel brush finish, but if you wish to kit out this housewarming gift with any alternative hooks, please do let us know.

If your new homeowners have kids, we also create personalised children’s coat racks that can be engraved with a combination of large and small letters – quite the fashion statement!

Hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration to help you find the perfect house warming gift. But if you still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, please do have a look at our website to find our complete range of high-quality personalised gifts.

Alternatively, if you’ve had your own eureka moment and want us to help you craft a bespoke wooden housewarming gift, we’d be more than happy to take on the challenge.

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