Why Our Products Are the Perfect Personalised Eco-Friendly Gifts

Why Our Products Are the Perfect Personalised Eco-Friendly Gifts

Shopping sustainably is more important than ever. We understand that for your own peace of mind when you're considering purchasing our personalised eco-friendly gifts, you’ll be eager to know whether we’re as particular about the environmental impact of our products as we are about their quality.

Why Wood?

For starters, we already have the advantage of working exclusively with wood. On top of being a material that’s full of its own unique character and unrivalled in its quality, the European oak that we use to create all of our gifts is 100% renewable. Wood is one of very few materials on the planet that can lay claim to such sustainable reassurances.

We’re very particular about the resources that make up our eco-friendly gifts. By exclusively using European oak, we significantly reduce the number of miles under the belt of our materials before they reach our workshop. None of our oak is tediously shipped across an ocean or driven between continents by road. This goes a long way towards curbing our overall carbon footprint.

Whilst harvesting wood does have an unavoidable short-term environmental impact, we’ve worked hard to ensure that every piece of oak that enters our workshop is sustainably sourced from FSC and PEFC certified suppliers. This essentially means that where trees are cut down to supply our workshop, reforestation quickly follows, helping to reset the ecological balance. Our materials tick all the right boxes even before we get our hands on them.

After our gifts are brought to life in our workshop, we generously coat them with Osmo TopOil. This is a UV stable, food safe and environmentally friendly oil that helps to dramatically extend their longevity. If cared for correctly, our eco-friendly gifts are designed to last a lifetime.

Handcrafted Under One Roof

We craft everything under the roof of our Worcestershire workshop, That way we enjoy total control over even the smallest steps and tiniest details of the manufacturing process. This is what allows us to be uncompromising on both the quality of our eco-friendly gifts and the sustainability of how they’re manufactured.

In the long run, our gifts'’ impressive lifespans will preserve both your wallet and the planet’s natural resources. Buying costly replacements every few years will become a thing of the past. This is especially true for the eco-friendly gifts of ours that are designed to undergo extensive regular use – such as our range of personalised wooden chopping boards. You’ll be doing both the planet and your purse a favour.

Equally, as we all try our best to minimise our reliance on plastic, our wooden chopping boards in particular offer a high quality, durable and sustainable plastic-free alternative to the numerous plastic chopping boards available.

What About Waste?

Our commitment to the environment isn’t just for show and it doesn’t end when our finished eco-friendly gifts leave our workshop. We have a plan for every inch of oak that enters our workshop with a tried and tested system for sustainably handling our waste.

We’re extremely precious about the materials we use. The European oak that we handle in our workshop usually arrives in large pieces, which enables us to assemble our eco-friendly gifts from the same length of oak, giving them a uniform appearance and an altogether smarter finish. However, this process does produce potentially wasteful offcuts.

Fortunately, we devised a simple solution that still enables us to keep our waste to an absolute minimum. When creating larger eco-friendly gifts, such as our boards and bath trays, we carefully keep hold of our offcuts and save them for subsequent use. Where we can, we then use them to make some of our smaller eco-friendly gifts, such as our personalised wooden keyrings.

When it isn’t possible to reuse our offcuts in house, we donate them to the wood burners of some of our friendly neighbours – after earnestly reminding them that this is some of the highest quality firewood they’ll ever lay eyes upon!

You thought we’d forgotten about our dust and shavings? Not on our watch. Admittedly, we’re rather limited in our means to reuse the dust and shavings that we create within the confines of our own workshop, but that doesn’t stop us from finding thoughtful uses for our waste elsewhere. We donate all of our dust and shavings to a local farm to help them with their animal waste (we’re sure we don’t have to elaborate about the details any further!).

Personalised Eco-Friendly Gifts That Cut No Corners

So, with all this in mind, we mean it when we say that our products are the perfect personalised, eco-friendly gifts. From the woods to your worktop, we’ve tried to make sure that every step of our manufacturing process is air-tight in its efficiency, quality and sustainability. Cutting corners just isn’t something we do.

With that being said, we’re always keen to see how we can be even better. So, if you’ve got any sustainable suggestions or want to know more about our manufacturing process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and rack our brains.

As always, now that we’ve hopefully given you some proper peace of mind, please do take a look at the full range of personalised wooden gifts on our website. And if you’ve got a unique idea and want us to tackle a bespoke creation, we’re more than happy to take on the challenge.

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